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I love those little nudges from the Lord in the most unexpected places. A simple conversation with my daughter’s preschool teacher has sent waves drifting through my life. Mrs H has three beautiful daughters, her girls are quite a few years older than mine. She is standing right where I am heading.Feet My husband jokingly asked if any of her girls had gone “wild,” a fear of Buddy’s and mine down the road. Most likely based on my past. Mrs. H thought for a moment and gently replied to me. She told me about a time concerns arose about her oldest daughter during middle school. Her daughter really took a notice of boys, she began to make questionable decisions and engaged in some not so great behaviors. Her daughter would no longer listen or really participate in any conversation with family. Seeing the path her daughter headed towards, Mrs. H feared. She prayed. Mrs. H prayed the Lord would convict her daughter on the decisions she was making and some of the behaviors she was engaging in.

Here, the Lord tapped me on the shoulder. These are the moments where I tend more towards clamping down and attempting to gain control over my daughter. I shall convict her. Prayer would not cross my mind in those future moments, just like it does not cross my mind in the current struggles I have with my young daughters. I tend to take matters into my own hands, leaving God out of it.

Mrs. H’s quiet response of heartfelt prayer, begging Him to convict her daughter in ways only He can do, is a different approach than I am used to. Maybe if I loosen my grip and allow God in, He can do more with what I am holding.


  1. So sweet and heartwarming. Thanks for sharing. To accept we are not in control is a big step in our walk.

    Tambra Jackson

    April 7, 2015

  2. Erin,
    Hits me dead-on… for so many years I thought the number of hours of I work and how hard I worked was all that mattered… it was my “control”…. the last several years have been full of UNcontrolable things in our lives: leaving and starting RE/MAX offices with no broker experience, giving to God what is first financially, and TRUSTING those who work around us who are so extremely good if I just leave them alone and let them grow and strech. you know my one word and as long as the dates work out I’m going ot take your suggestion to train with john Maxwell in a small group environment to gather more confidence and skills… Sorry I’m up so late AGAIN… crashing soon… just have a lot of new listings, coming soon listings and pro-bono work to help those who are in great need… I love you for giving me space and for reeling me in when needed…
    I know it’s hard for you to find time to write with our girls and I appreciate you writing much of my radio spots and kinda my own copywriter…. I pray peach for you each day as with three little crazy gorgeous girls its hard… not to mention one old, balding “husky” husband to boot…


    April 7, 2015

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