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During quiet mornings, sometimes God will hand me a heart-ache to work through I had no idea existed, as He did this morning of a secret wedding anniversary.

My husband and I share a secret wedding anniversary and today is the day! No worries, I am not the one spilling the beans. I use the term “secret” lightly if you know my husband Buddy.

Six years ago today, Buddy and I were ready to start our lives together. However, the wedding was scheduled two months away. Buddy has an abundance of patience in most areas of life, other areas not so much. (I fall into the same category.) We rallied two witnesses, headed to the courthouse and got hitched! We have been living life together ever since. I have enjoyed it all and I pray the next six plus years are as fun and exciting, minus anymore pregnancies for us.

I sat down this morning with so much excitement burning as I rehashed the past years. My thoughts wandered through fun vacations, children running through the house, crazy new pets, hot summers. Then the Lord handed me a different kind of thought tucked deep down in the basement of my heart.

Now that I am married six years, I have surpassed the length of my previous marriage. A weight is lifted off my shoulders, today I no longer have to compare this marriage to the previous.- What? Have I been doing this?

I searched desperately for ways out of the bottomless pit of comparison thinking. My doubts and hurts quickly rose to the top bringing with them feelings of defensiveness and justification. This time however God also brought forth a reminder of how He used tragedy to draw me closer to Him. The strength in my relationship with the Lord began to build during a time when things were slowly torn from my life. Later, all of this was restored with a firm foundation and confidence. I have been and continue to be mended and molded.

God’s finger points out today, the exact place for me in life. My marriage with Buddy depends on a relationship with God, glorified in our respect and devotion to one another. I was given, we were given, something new needing no comparison.

I am so thankful for my husband who is my best friend in the whole wide world. Yes we argue (we never argue if you ask him), we have completely different points of view, get on each others nerves, laugh and laugh and just love. Lord, I thank you for all the blessings You have bestowed upon us, every single one, especially the ones I don’t even know to say thank you for. I pray our marriage continues to flourish as You uncover the craziness in my heart. Oh I am sure there is more…

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