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My reason for going to church was totally self centered and self-rewarding. We returned the night before from a weeklong family vacation.

Sunday was spent with the girls attempting to do laundry, restocking the house with food, nagging of unfinished homework assignments, bathing two stinky dogs and getting back on a nap schedule. The evening service sounded like heaven. One hour, girls occupied in there own classes. I could sit, ALONE.

I took a seat in an empty row, empty area. I could breath. The music started. I allowed my mind to drift, thinking NO thoughts. Relishing these moments, I burrowed myself under the beat of the drums. Moments well deserved after our weeklong excursion as a family.

Movement in the front row drew me out of my trance as the music came to a close. A simple light shown down from above illuminated a young woman interpreting in sign language. I giggled to myself wondering how she was going to keep up with our pastor, Mike. He speaks so fast, passion for the topics he discusses always exploding to a moving crescendo.

The translator was obviously prepared. Reinforcements. A second young lady sat waiting to switch off. I watched her as Mike continued the series, renewing our mind awakening our hearts to LIVE. I watched the hand movements. The effort and care she took in spelling out R-E-D-E-M-P-T-I-O-N. Every time the word heart was spoken, she actually touched her heart. How desolate the word disconnected looked.

The last minutes of the service the band entered the stage and played a song closing out the series. A song I have heard many times before. My eyes floated to the interpreter. The repetitive chorus was like a dance being performed before my very eyes; a circular flow of movement around the face and heart, over and over again. And then I saw. The people in the front row were all performing the hand motions together. They were singing, together, in sign.

I have seen performances of singing songs along with signs before, I am always intrigued. But this, this was worship in a wordless language a language of expression. This wonderful Lord we have. A Lord who understands every spoken word, sung or signed. It is all the same to Him. Heart speak. Amazed I gazed on watching these beautiful movements directed in praise. This world, His world is so far beyond me. I love when He peels the curtain back and gives me a glimpse of His glory.


  1. Beautiful, Erin! So wonderful when God reveals Himself in unexpected ways. Glad you caught it and thankful you shared it with us! :)


    October 21, 2015

    • Thank you Shari! I get going so fast sometimes and rush right by those times of Him revealing Himself. He had me captive for an hour or so here, I couldn’t miss it!

      Erin Blake

      October 22, 2015

  2. Very up lifting!
    Really enjoyed it. Very well written. As I was reading it I could picture it in my mind as if I was in church that day.
    Thanks once again.


    October 21, 2015

    • Hey Michael – Thank you! Our house still looks awesome! Thanks again for all the time and work you put in, really appreciate it.

      Erin Blake

      October 22, 2015

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