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Palmetto bug, water bug or flying water bug has a much better sound, but the New Jersey in me retorts – There is NO amount of southern charm to make a cockroach sound pretty.

Roaches that breed here in coastal North Carolina dapple in steroids. Where I come from roaches are drawn to sugary cereals, dirty dishes, food left out – easy fix. These gargantuate bugs are attracted to wood, like decking or cabinets and moisture- variables I can’t do much about. High humidity levels rise unbelievably higher the days heading into August and these suckers love to skitter across my kitchen counter, jet across the bathroom floor, or even worse, creep up the wall of my bedroom!

“If you are laying in bed, look a bit to your right and over the door. Is he still there? Can you get him?”
“He is gone babe, he must have gotten away.”
“WRONG ANSWER! Couldn’t you have gotten a shoe, made a loud smack and called out Got ‘em! How do you expect me to sleep with him trolling around the bedroom… in the dark?”

I reached for the shampoo while taking a steamy shower one morning and it was like a bat flew at me. Yes, I said flew as in took flight. Some of these creatures have wings. There I am trapped in my shower stall naked, with this clumsy, flying, oversized cockroach.

The repercussions of the shower incident still linger. I religiously take precautions before every shower by rearranging the shampoos and soaps with clothes on and a direct path out of the shower stall.

Roaches, however, do not scare me so terribly if I spot them first; if I can lay my eyes on it before all those legs begin moving. I can prepare, I can devise a plan and hold my emotions in check. It is those unexpected appearances which make me loose my cool.

Rarely do I spot them first. No matter how many times I tell my girls – Don’t lay your wet towels on the floor! To the floor they go. I fall for it every time. Scooping up the towel, low and behold there it GOES. My heart skips a beat and I am flailing like a fool, screaming out orders!

How quickly my emotions can take over. Perhaps it is a roach crossing uncomfortably close to my toes or a woman on the other end of the phone who cannot give me access to my account at the moment because the security code I give doesn’t match up.

I would feel much better, justified in my anger driven rants if Jesus told us how easy, smooth and cockroach free life would be. He didn’t. Yet I am shocked when things aren’t so tranquil.

Jesus said himself “Therefore do not worry about tomorrow for tomorrow will worry about itself. Each day has enough trouble of its own.” Matthew 6:34

Recorded in the book of John, Jesus truthfully points out – “In this world you will have trouble.” I am familiar with trouble, pressure, stress, distress. If I can keep my finger on the issue as I approach and get by, it’s all good. When the issues are in motion, coming at me, I loose balance, teeter on my foundation, dodge, duck, smack.

Little things pop up in a day and sometimes, unfortunately send me reeling, flailing if I am not prepared. The spilled juice, the open drawers with clothes exploding out, the unread summer books, being unable to locate my three year old’s shoes every time we leave the house. It is exhausting getting so emotionally charged for all of these “surprises”. The yelling, slamming quite like I am attacking a roach.

Short of placing a bell around the neck of the extra large cockroaches taking up residence at the Blake house, I’m not really sure how to conquer the jolting intrusion of the ridiculous sized cockroach. For the everyday troubles? To be sure, my troubles are not gone after locating my three year old’s shoes. In fact, if shoes are the worst, I chalk it up to be a great day. There are much bigger issues to forge through.

I passed a church billboard that said “Stay calm and read Psalms.” I believe there is truth in the catchy statement.

Then you will know the truth and the truth will set you free. John 8:32

Sigh of relief.

But you see in order to be free, you need to KNOW the truth.


  1. I hate those water bugs too……. They give me the creeps and send me into a frenzy….

    Tambra Jackson

    July 31, 2015

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