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Our house is a Netflix home. We binge on episode after episode of a show, season after season until all has been viewed.

The catchy My Little Pony tune has been floating through our heads for a long time. Our girls adore the colors and personalities of everypony. Most importantly, all three agree on watching it.

Each pony is known by a “cutie mark.” A “cutie mark” is a picture of the particular pony’s passion or what they love, stamped on its back end. Being a fast flyer, so fast she can change the weather, RainbowDash is stamped with a lightening bolt and rainbow. AppleJack has apples decorating her hindquarters; her family runs a farm supplying all the cider, apple picking and apple products for everypony. PinkyPie’s tush is decorated with balloons and confetti as she is a ball of excitement and loves parties. The entire town is created around ponies and cutie marks. My favorite is Rarity, so aloof, with all her glittery stones and fashion sense. But, ponies are not born with “cutie marks,” they appear once the pony has figured out their passion or love in life. Each pony has a story of how they have come to bear their mark.

I do believe God has a sense of humor… As I meandered through my bible study, I landed on the verse

Galatians 6:17 From now on, let no one cause me trouble for I bear on my body the marks of Jesus. (NIV)

What is a mark of Jesus? Do I have any marks of Jesus? Frustrated, I could not directly answer these questions. Quickly consumed by the daily routine, I tucked the questions in a back pocket of my mind and gladly moved on.

Coloring later in the day with my five year old, we lazily chatted choosing the perfect colors for our IMG_0873crazy pictures. “If you had a cutie mark, what would it be mom?”
“Hmmm, maybe a book. I love to read. What would yours be?”
She put down her crayon, thought for a moment and said, “Mine would be a cross. A cross for Jesus.”

There it is! I bear on my body the marks of Jesus! Literally! Ha!

As the verse flooded back to my thoughts, my perspective changed a bit. Perhaps there are ways in which Christ has a clear mark on my life. My five year old knows what this looks like. That in itself is mark enough for me to loosen frustration, stop examining every move and continue hopefully influencing those around me in a positive way. I was searching for one huge shining light in my life, something I could point my finger to as a mark of Jesus. Maybe its all those things that slip through fingers and land in the lap of others, like my children.

From now on let no one trouble me… turns from a poof of magic destroying anything coming against me to a command of strength and faith. Giving an ability to face adversities with confidence and security.

I giggle as I picture my daughter galloping along in all her pink and purple pony glory, evangelizing through out Ponyville. My heart also soars in this moment, as she would choose Jesus as a mark on her body filling her heart with confidence, security and faith.

I am sticking with my “cutiemark” as a book to read, what would yours be?


  1. Loved this! Going to use it to chat with my kids about their mark. Buddy sent me here; I work with his books. This is an adorable blog. Keep up the great work. :)

    Jen Ferris

    April 27, 2015

    • Hey Jen! Thank you for the encouragement!

      Erin Blake

      April 27, 2015

  2. what a great conversation to have with your children but more importantly what a way to answer the question as a 5 year old. its that 1 small answer from your children that allows a parent one deep breathe of reassurance that you are leading them on the right path. great blog

    Alisha M

    April 28, 2015

    • Thanks Alisha! Much of the leading on the right path comes from WCA.

      Erin Blake

      May 1, 2015

  3. Love it! not only good material for my kids but definitely for me too
    ties in with my morning Devo Col 3:12

    Ronel Austin

    April 29, 2015

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