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Errands and jetting the girls around town, this time of year is phenomenal! Forgot sodas, milk? No problem, jump back in the car girls let’s head out! The absolute best par t of the drive is the way home. As we approach the last curve, laid out before us are splashes of radiance. Windows open, fragrant air running through the car overtaking the dim, dullness of winter. “SPRING is here!” shout the Azaleas.

He who has the most unkempt bushes, this time of year wins by far! Wildly overgrown, no space empty of brilliant color, all uniform in a mass of flowers. IMG_0812Words don’t do justice to the vibrancy in the fuchsias, magentas, corals, salmons and pink. The Azalea is known as the “thinking of home bush “ in the Chinese culture. Here in Middle Sound, we also think on the same philosophy as most homes are snuggled in between the blooms.

IMG_0808Keeping the car on the road is a task these days. I drove up on a lawn craning my neck at a new color I spotted. – Wow, I haven’t seen that one yet! The bush stood up! It was actually a landscaper donning a bright colored shirt.

The Azalea takes it’s stand, declaring winter is over. Warmth moves in bringing the anticipation of days spent poolside or digging toes into the sand. What a beautiful change of scenery. Every year I am amazed again at the simple beauty found in nature.

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  1. I’m an avid gardener, so I loved the detail of description you put into describing the colors of these beautiful bushes. Only wish they bloomed longer.

    Tambra Jackson

    April 18, 2015

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