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Disney vacations take TONS of planning. I found blogs and websites advising about everything Disney. Parking, hours, best days of the year to go, rated rides, rated restaurants, what to pack, what not to pack, what to buy there, how to save while you’re there (impossible), having a wedding there? We planned lunches, dinners, mid morning breakfast with characters,...

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My reason for going to church was totally self centered and self-rewarding. We returned the night before from a weeklong family vacation. Sunday was spent with the girls attempting to do laundry, restocking the house with food, nagging of unfinished homework assignments, bathing two stinky dogs and getting back on a nap schedule. The evening service sounded like...

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“Mom, can I have a French fry?” “No, we’ll be home in a minute. The two in the backseat will scream like banshees if they see you eating a fry.” “Well, Pop pop always gets an extra fry so we can eat them on the way home.” “What?” “Yep, every time we go to Chic Filet, we get an extra fry.” “An extra fry? Who is this Pop pop?” Pop pop is physically my father. His hair...

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As a lover of words, journaling has grown from a habit to an absolute love of mine. I daydream about a time to come, when I no longer walk the earth, but generations after me read my words, laugh at my little jokes and snicker at seemingly trivial mistakes I made. I am on the prowl for a journal almost as much as I am in search of a good book to read. My discretion...

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Enjoying a cup of coffee, sinking into my morning routine, Trump trumped the news once again. I tuned out the hilarity clearing dirty dishes and syrup puddled on the kitchen table. My ears perked to the words – “Controversy over the removal of a portrait of Jesus Christ from a middle school in Kansas….” Interest peaked; I surrendered the kitchen table to its usual...

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So many changes going on in the Blake home… My ten year old and I scoured the internet stumbling upon a YouTube video. Wide eyed we watched as a voice explained how miraculously we could teach our toddler in three days or less to flush number one and number two forever. NO accidents. The video was awesome full of cartoon drawings, stories of embarrassment, terrible...

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